I want to increase the number of black cats that are adopted from shelters, as they are often overlooked and spend a lot of time waiting for a forever home.  When I looked on 9/26/2016, 30% of the cats up for adoption at the San Diego County shelters were black, and another 10% were black and white.  To help solve this problem I created a poster that animal adoptions agencies can display, this website celebrating black cats and letting people know about how great they are, and will use social media like Facebook, and Twitter to get my message out.  I hope to have a lasting impact on the number of lovable and loving black cats that find new families.  If you would like to help, please share my website on your social media page!  You can also download a large (16 x 20 ) or small (8X10) version of my Black Cats Are Cool poster (see below) if you would like to display it at a shelter or share it with your friends.  The links for downloading the poster are on the home page on the lower left.

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